Wood & Leather engraving


Wood engraving is one of the more popular applications for the laser because it encompasses so many different applications.
Laser engraved wood parts have really become popular in recent times, particularly for point-of-sale applications.
Some of the top brands are using it to add a different character to their displays and it really works. All natural woods lasers engrave, although some look better than others – lighter woods tend to show the best contrast although the effect on dark woods can be equally stunning.

The laser works extremely well with all woods, from MDF to exotic hardwoods. Each produces a different quality when engraved. Various depths can also be achieved when laser engraving wood.
Photographic quality images can be done so you really can expand your ideas to suit your application


Leather is a versatile material, whether it’s used for wallets, briefcases, bracelets, belts or shoes, personalised engraving gives an extra touch of elegance to this and many other surfaces.

Leather engraving service is popular for customers wishing to personalise a gift that cannot be embossed. As the process requires laser technology the laser beam with burn and brand the leather permanently leaving a natural burnt effect. The lighter the colour of the leather will give you a more contrasted engraving and visual effect, the darker the material will leave you with a more subtle engraved appearance which is very popular

The leather objects we can engrave are endless.

Various types of leather are compatible for use with our laser whether that be cutting or engraving, this includes; natural leather, synthetic leather, napped leather, alcantara, nubuck, suede and velours. The process of laser engraving doesn’t apply any pressure onto the leather itself; the laser sublimates the leather surface, which means that the surface area that is affected simply evaporates..