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Have a draft that’s ready for the next stage? Editing will get your document into shape for formatting, layout and publication.

Design & layout: professional-looking design and layout. Ensure reader engagement with a properly formatted book or document.

E-books: E-book conversion or formatting for print on demand will get your book ready to submit.

Specialized in Art-Books – Cover design – Self Publishing.
Bring your idea; we will help you to take it to the next step.

When you are planning an exhibition a catalogue of your artwork should be a “must have” in your list.

It will be the better way to promote your work, gain some publicity and, why not add extra revenue?

If you are a writer or an illustrator you also may want to publish your book.
I understand that it will be “scary”:

• Is it expensive to publish my book or catalogue?
• What about the quality?
• Once I have my book; what shall I do?
• Shall I make an E-book too? (Or shall I print it as well if my idea was to make the E-book only?)

These are the most usual questions that every author has and it is perfectly understandable.
The truth is nobody can answer those questions.


Well, this is the problem when you choose on-line printing services. Do not get me wrong. They may be able to print your book/catalogue very nice. But they will be concerned only about the print side of your project.
They will not help you with the design (yes you will be able to choose from one of the many templates they have but, if you are a truly artist, you will like to have something unique like you art).
You cannot use the same type of template for a catalogue and for an art-book.

It should be personal, unique, which is not the same as personalized.
And this is just one of your concerns. What if you need photos for your book?

What kind of distribution is better for my kind of book? Can I make them by using one of the Self-Publishing services?

This is the big problem that you, as an author, will face.

It is YOUR book, YOUR idea, YOUR art. So, it will be necessary to answer all your questions based in your book/catalogue as your project will be unique.
I am inviting you to come and see me, even better if you can make an appointment. We will explore the possibilities based on your project.

And your book/catalogue will be unique, like your art.