Merchandising & Gifts from your Artworks

From signed Artworks and typical t-shirts to snapbacks and fire-starting jigsaw puzzles, merchandise is a vital income stream for independent artists.

Are you planning an exhibition?

Do not miss the opportunity to make money by selling merchandising based on your creations.

Mariano Salas Merchandising

I can help you to get the most from your exhibition, summer camp, fair or any event.
Starting by creating amazing invitations and, more important, by finding the right merchandising you will be able to sell on it.
Based on your artwork we can create many original products, from the classic T-shirt (not the promotional ones, but the ones made with high quality and heavy cotton) to catalogues or books.
I have at your disposition machinery able to make the most amazing items.
Even if you are a sculptor I can create a copy of your art and print it on 3D.
Many times visitors want to buy your art but they are not able to do it because of the prices. You can give them the opportunity to have a copy of it for a small price.

I had being working with artists for a long time, giving advice and creating merchandising for them.

Let me help you too.

Come and see me and together will find the best options for you.

As I will need to give you my full attention I will suggest making an appointment so I will be able to be there only for you.

These are some examples of merchandising we made for our customers: