Fine Art Reproduction

Fine Art Reproduction Service

There are many reasons why you may need to take a photo of your art.
As an example:

• To keep records.
• To use the images on catalogues.
• To send the images to a magazine or newspaper.
• To create postcards based on your artwork.
• For your website or social media.
• … And many more.

But the problem you will find is to really recreate your artwork in the photo.

We all know that it is very difficult to scan or take a photo of a canvas and get it right, not to mention if we are planning to print that file in our home printer.

As your artwork is important for you, let me take the photo of it.
I will take care of your creation and do the best to get an accurate photo of it.
From the beginning I will decide if it will be better to use continuous light, flashes or natural light. Many of the substrates are not “happy” when you use the wrong light on them, think about it: is not the risk of copying the art the reason why in most of the museums you cannot use the flash.
The angle of the light, in order to avoid reflections, is important too. Also I will use a colour pattern in order to match the colour of your art.

I will give you a high quality TIFF file (plus a low resolution JPG for internet) that will allow you to print your artwork, also a standard JPG, perfect for internet, social media and mails.


• Scan only: A scan/photo will be taken of your artwork. The file will be colour match and calibrated in order to give the best accuracy. £ 25.-

• Scan only more than 2 artworks: Special discounts if you need to reproduce more than 2 artworks. Please come to see me and I will give you a quote.

• Scan + Proof: In addition to the file you will get an A3 printed proof. £ 50.-. Special discounts for more than 2 artworks.

• Free Scanning & Proofing: As my goal is to help artist I do understand the high costs of reproducing artworks. If you are planning an event and need many copies of your artwork I will not charge the scan and proofing. This offer is valid for orders greater than £ 180.- and the copies are from the same artwork.

I am also offering the “at-home” service. If, because your artwork is too big, or it is fitted already, or it is a mural or there is any other reason why you cannot bring it to my studio I can take the studio to you. Prices are the same plus travel expenses.