About the Shop

About the Shop

About the Shop

The shop/office is situated in Risca-Pontymister. Not far from Newport (10 minutes by car, 20 by bus) or Cardiff (25 minutes by car or 30 minutes by train) in South Wales.

You will find it not traditional. It is an open space so you will be able to follow the process of everything I will create for you.

Reception area with a design station.

Meeting area so we can talk about your needs and exchange ideas meanwhile we enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer).

The studio: Focused in product photography but able to work with models if we need it.
Usual black and white backdrop and also a Chroma key.

A Shooting Table and a Soft Light Box Photo Tent with continuous lighting system and Speedlight too. By the way, did I mention that if you decide to make your prints with me and you need to have the photos of your products you do not need to pay for them? Yes, I will let you  use the table and/or the tent FREE OF CHARGE for one hour (with the continuous lighting system included) in order to take the photos yourself but with professional gear. Of course if you want me to do it, I will.

And a Boutique corner. In there you will find products made based on artworks from many artists and mine. Things like garments, bags, postcards and more. Usually inspired on archery and glamour themes. A “Basket Sale” is also there for you to take advantage and buy exclusive creations at really bargain prices.

In the “kitchen” you will find the printers, engraving machines, 3D printers, press machines and some others stuffs.

The idea is to work closely and, if you want, be able to follow the process.

As you can see, a cosy place to make you feel at home.