About me

About me

Tango Creations (or Martin Sotelano if you prefer)

I have been working as a Photographer and Designer since 1980.


I was also a Professor in the Palermo University (Buenos Aires, Argentina) teaching digital printing and design. I am the author of many books and articles related to Photography and Design. I was also the chairman of the Corel Draw Users Group in Argentina.

I do not want to bore you about my CV; just let me say I have a lot of experience in the area. But if you want to know more, just click this link to see my full CV.
On the other side I have been working with artists for a long time too, helping them to develop their catalogues, creating books and merchandising for exhibitions, workshops and point of sale. As an artist myself I also understand your needs and worries.

Now I decided to open this place and try to help to grow your business.

I do not like the impersonal way we live nowadays. I understand not everybody knows the kind of promotion best for his/her business. And I want to help you to find it keeping in mind that not always the “best” promotion is the more expensive and also understanding the difficulties of opening a business and being “tight” to a budget.

Let me invite you to visit my shop and talk about your needs. We can do it even better; we can arrange an appointment so I will be able to pay full attention to you. The shop is usually open Mondays to Fridays from 8 to 16hs. But appointments can be arranged out of this time, also on Saturdays.


PD: If you are interested on my photography please visit my site