Looking for models who want having their own calendar.

Do you have followers on social media or Onlyfans(R)?
Do you like to make some extra money?

Tango Creations UK is offering to create your own desktop calendar.
No investment needed it.

It is a joint enterprise. Perfect to make some extra money from your followers.
CD Desktop calendars are guaranteed to catch the eye, entice your followers with a glamour calendar and you will be exposed throughout 2020.

Glamour Model Desktop CD Calendar.

Print your own calendar is always a risky investment. But, what if you have the opportunity of having your own calendar and no pay a penny in advance?

Pay as you sale!

CD Desktop Calendar (and poster calendar too if you wish) printed on demand.

We take care of everything, design & production (and photos if you need them).

We will create your own calendar with the photos you provide (remember you need to have the authorization from the photographer(s) and send a copy to us).

If you need, we can also take the photos.

The CD Desktop Calendar for Glamour Models is printed in high-quality matte or pearl photographic paper. We also provide all necessary promotional material.

No cost, we will share the profit as you sell the calendars.