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New great artists to our collection

Mariano Sotelano Salas (1964 – 2014)

It is a great pleasure to tell you that I am incorporating to the collection the masterpieces from Mariano Sotelano Salas.

From the beginning he was committed with contemporary art & music.
Born in Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1964.
Among his studies we can mention Manuel Belgrano National School of Art and Beato Angelico National School of Art from where he received the certificate of Art teacher.
His post graduate studies included the Prilidiano Pueyrredon Art School, Ernesto de la Carcova Superior National Art School, Julian Aguirre Music Conservatory, Shannon University among others.
Specialized in Graphic Arts he also developed an extraordinary career as a musician
Into his artwork and music he tried to discover the internal feeling of the body and soul, dreams, anxiety and happiness; reflecting the human being as an alone and trapped person into our hyper communicated and globalized world.

I am sure you will love his work.