Production & Delivery Times:

Production & Delivery Times

In order to manage competitive prices and high quality products we use external companies in the production and delivery of some of our products.

When you order is processed it will be up to those companies how long will take to produce the item and deliver it.

Just as a guide you must be aware that an item can take up to 10 working days to be delivered to your door.

If (highly improbably) that your item arrive damage in the package you will find the instruction how to proceed to ask for an exchange or refund.

Some of the items will be exchange at our HQ in South Wales (Newport) but others will be exchange at the outsourced company directly in order to make the process more fast.

For the same reason it will be possible when you order several items that they will not arrive together.

If you have any enquire about this we will suggest to contact us BEFORE ordering any item.

Thank you.